About Us

Timberland Tree Services is the long-standing choice for residential and commercial tree removal in Northeast Ohio. For over two decades, owner-operator Kenny Perz—who learned his trade removing trees for utility companies—and his experienced crew of professional tree care experts have helped local residents and businesses remove all manner of trees, keeping properties beautiful and safe.

What We Do: Tree Removal and More

Tree pruning to remove bare branches does more than keep a tree looking its best—it helps ensure a tree’s ongoing health and longevity while reducing the risk of toppling under windy conditions, and preventing dead limbs from breaking off.

And when you need full-service tree cutting and removal, Timberland Tree Services is here for you—we cut and remove trees of all shapes and types, using the most appropriate tools and techniques for the job. Hedge trimming, lot clearing—whether to make room for a new development, or just to improve the view—and stump grinding and removal are also available.

Ready For Action

We know that nature doesn’t operate on your schedule; that’s why we provide an emergency tree service, quickly and safely removing dangerous trees and mitigating the threat they pose to people and property.

Why Timberland?

Timberland Tree Services prides itself on professionalism, quality of work and fair prices. Estimates are free, and customer satisfaction is paramount: we charge no money down until the job is done and you are satisfied.

Tree Trimming - Photo of the owner Kenny Perz on a crane trimming a tree.
About Us - Photo of the owner Kenny Perz in front of a tree chipping machine with downtown Cleveland in the background.

Our Mission

Put simply, Timberland Tree Services strives to provide to our residential and commercial customers the best and most comprehensive tree removal services in Northeast Ohio.

From assessment to timely completion of the job, we’re not happy until you are. Find out for yourself why Timberland Tree Services has been in business for nearly 25 years.

Contact us today, at our Lakewood location or our Broadview heights location, and experience the Timberland difference.


Tree Services - Photo of the owner Kenny Perz very high up trimming a tree above a residential home.

Our Services

Tree Removal Service

Timberland Tree Services specializes in removing trees of all shapes and sizes.

Tree Trimming Service

Northeast Ohio’s best tree trimmers! Keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year.

Stump Grinding Service

Fast, efficient stump grinding and stump removal leaves your lawn level and clean.

Lot Clearing Service

Local lot clearing—prepare for construction, or make way for the perfect view!

Crane Service

Safe and cost-effective crane service to remove awkward, fallen or at-risk trees.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Timely removal of diseased and hazardous trees that endanger people and property.

Dependable Owner-Operated Tree Services Since 1999

Timberland Tree Services is an owner-operated tree company providing professional tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal services in Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas.

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