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Professional Crane Service From Northeast Ohio’s Reliable Tree Care Experts

Do you need a large tree removed from your commercial or residential property? Professional crane service may be the safest and most effective way to do it. Timberland Tree Services provides crane service to residential and commercial clients throughout Northeast Ohio.

What is Crane Service?

Crane service, in the context of tree care, involves the use of a tree removal crane to remove large trees, piece by piece, without felling them. Using a tree crane is a highly specialized process, involving numerous steps, and must be undertaken by a skilled, qualified crew to ensure the safety of person and property.

How Does Using A Tree Crane Work?

Removing a tree by crane is done sequentially. Good preparation is key: a tree crane is parked at the job site and carefully leveled using outriggers that adjust the crane’s wheels. Leveling and stabilization—critical to crane work—are never rushed. This part of the process may take some time, depending on the ground slope, soil consistency, and the size of the tree we remove.

The complexity of removing a large tree by crane requires thorough planning and clear communication between the crane operator, our ground crew, and everyone else involved.

If the tree can handle the weight, a climber is lifted and attached to it, and the crane is strapped to a section of tree that the climber cuts. The crane carefully lifts the cut section vertically, maneuvers it away from the tree, and lowers it to the waiting ground crew, who guide the wood safely downward. The removed section is then cut into manageable pieces, and loaded in the truck or chipped. We repeat this process until the entire tree has been removed.

Why Use a Crane for Tree Removal?

Trees can be removed without a crane, and using one isn’t always necessary. Cranes are especially useful for removing trees that are large, tall, dying, dead, storm-damaged, in close proximity to power lines, in confined spaces, or overhanging structures.

Tree cranes provide a number of benefits:

Safety. Felling a tree the wrong way can pose a significant risk to people, properties, houses, and other buildings. Cut incorrectly, a tree may fall where it isn’t expected to. Falling limbs have the potential to cause serious damage—particularly in situations where using a crane would be most appropriate. Tree cranes don’t make tree removal entirely risk-free, but can certainly help.

Photo of a Crane used to trim a tree in a crowded space.

Speed. Setting up a tree crane takes time—it’s critical to get it right—but a crane operator, working in unison with the climber and ground crew, is surprisingly time-efficient once everything is in place.
Preservation. Done correctly, felling a tree—particularly a small one, with enough space around it—is unlikely to result in unwanted damage. But large trees, and those without adequate clearance (at least twice the tree’s height), are best removed by crane, one piece at a time.

Reach. Crowded commercial spaces and suburban areas present many obstacles to the safe removal of trees. Another advantage of our crane service is the ability to reach otherwise difficult-to-access trees while minimizing the risk of collateral damage to surrounding structures.


Northeast Ohio Crane Service for Safe, Efficient Tree Removal

Timberland Tree Services is proud to offer our Northeast Ohio commercial and residential clients professional crane services. Over twenty years and going strong, we’re not happy until you are. Experience the Timberland difference—contact us online, or visit our Lakewood or Broadview Heights location for a free estimate today!

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About Timberland Tree Services

Timberland Tree Services is the long-standing choice for residential and commercial tree removal in Northeast Ohio. For over two decades, owner-operator Kenny Perz—who learned his trade removing trees for utility companies—and his experienced crew of professional tree care experts have helped local residents and businesses remove all manner of trees, keeping properties beautiful and safe.

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