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Residential Tree Removal

Expert residential tree removal to keep your property beautiful and safe.

Can I remove a tree myself?

It’s possible to remove a tree yourself, depending on its size and condition. Removing small trees, without obvious signs of disease or physical damage, that can be safely cut without climbing, is usually within the ability of a homeowner. When in doubt, contact a qualified tree care company.

Can you remove a tree stump by yourself?

Yes, though small stumps are easiest. Expose any roots close to the surface, severing them with the appropriate tool, and lift the stump out of the ground. Alternately, drill holes in the stump and add chemical stump remover. Larger stumps are best removed by a tree service provider

What is the average cost of tree removal in my area?

The simplest answer is: it depends. A number of factors determine the cost of local tree removal, including ease of access, and the diameter, height, location and condition of the tree. The larger and more dangerous the tree, the greater the cost. Contact Timberland Tree Services for a free estimate.

Commercial Tree Removal

Commercial tree cutting and removal for all Northeast Ohio businesses.

How do professionals remove a tree?

Professional tree removal is a multi-step process, dependent on the size, condition and location of the tree. Large trees may require that their limbs be cut before felling the remainder. Ropes can be utilized to guide branches away from obstacles. Sometimes, crane service is necessary.

How do professionals remove stumps?

There are two ways to get rid of a stump: full removal, and stump grinding. The former is a lengthier, costlier process that entirely extracts the stump and roots from the ground. The latter, in which a stump and nearby roots are ground flush to the ground, is often effective on its own.

Does stump removal include roots?

Full stump removal removes not only the visible stump but also the root ball from the ground. Doing so ensures no future regrowth, and no root decay to support pests, though at a greater cost than stump grinding—and may require significant infill, depending on the size of the hole left behind.

All Our Services

Timberland Tree Services provides a wide range of tree care services throughout Northeast Ohio. From tree removal and full tree trimming, to stump grinding, lot clearing and cleanup, crane service and the removal of hazardous trees, we’re your go-to source for local tree care.

Tree Removal - Photo of owner Kenny Perz cutting a tree down.

Tree Removal Service

Timberland Tree Services specializes in removing trees of all shapes and sizes.

Tree Trimming -

Full Tree Trimming Services

Northeast Ohio’s best tree trimmers! Keep your trees healthy and beautiful all year.

Stump Grinding Service -

Stump Grinding Service

Fast, efficient stump grinding and stump removal leaves your lawn level and clean.

Lot Clearing Service

Lot Clearing & Cleanup

Local lot clearing—prepare for construction, or make way for the perfect view!

Tree Trimming -

Crane Service

Safe and cost-effective crane service to remove awkward, fallen or at-risk trees.

Hazardous Tree Removal - Photo of a fallen tree on top of a car.

Hazardous Tree Removal

Timely removal of diseased and hazardous trees that endanger people and property.

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