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Chances are you did a Google search by typing in “tree trimming service near me” and we’re glad you found us. Timberland Tree Services is your #1 go-to source for all tree-related services in northeast Ohio. We are experts in tree pruning/trimming with more than 24 years experience. We have hundreds of happy clients, some of whom use our professional tree pruning services repeatedly, and we’re ready to take on your tree trimming project too. We are available for both residential and commercial tree trimming work.

We Provide Free Quotes As Part of Our Tree Trimming Service

We recognize that every tree trimming project is unique. That’s why we carefully evaluate each tree trimming job and provide a free quote before we start. Our first priority is to listen carefully and fully understand our clients’ needs and concerns. We also perform a visual assessment to develop a plan and identify what equipment and crew we’ll need to get the job done right. While we work, we put a premium on ensuring the safety of people and property. Plus, the long-term health of the tree(s) is always top of mind. Once we finish a tree trimming project, we are proud to guarantee we always leave a site clean and tidy.

Always Hire True Professionals

Did you know that if you prune a tree during the wrong season, you can damage your tree or even kill it?

For example, cutting oak trees during the warmer months can lead to oak wilt disease, a common problem in northeast Ohio. The fresh tree cutting wounds attract nitidulidae beetles which deposit fungal spores of Bretziella fagacearum, a fungal pathogen, on the oak trees. Once an oak tree is infected with oak wilt, it will likely die and you may unfortunately need a tree felling. Even more tragic, oak wilt disease can spread to other oaks in the area through their root systems.

At Timberland Tree Services, we are experienced professionals well aware of the common diseases and pathogens afflicting our beloved northeast trees. We can advise you on the best times of year to prune any tree species. We can also help you make informed decisions on how to proceed with tree trimming and how to mitigate any potential problems including pests and disease.

Tree Pruning To Enhance the Health of a Tree

Tree pruning can improve the health of a tree in many ways. Diseased or insect infested tree branches can be pruned back to ensure the disease or infestation doesn’t spread to the rest of the tree. This can often be key to saving a tree. The crown of a tree may be thinned to improve air circulation. This can help cool a tree during the summer and improve sunlight penetration to increase photosynthesis. This can also help prevent mold and mildew from forming on the leaves, a common problem if a tree is never pruned. In some cases, a decision may be made to prune part of a tree to divert the tree’s limited resources to other parts of a tree. In the longrun, this can help a tree thrive.

We Want To Make Sure that You, Your Family, and Your Property Is Safe!

Sometimes, the primary purpose of tree trimming to make things safer. Dead limbs are an accident waiting to happen, as they could easily fall at any time. These dead limbs can be trimmed to eliminate this potential hazard. Similarly, storm damaged limbs may not have enough structural integrity left to withstand a strong wind gust or snow load. Therefore, damaged limbs may be removed during tree pruning for this reason. Trees may also be threatening property, such as when heavy tree branches hang over a roof or perhaps overhanging where vehicles frequently park. This too may be a good reason to do a careful tree trimming. If your children use a certain tree as a climbing tree, perhaps with a treehouse or a fort, it may make their playtime safer to have us do some selective tree trimming.

Tree Trimming To Enhance the View Or Increase the Sunlight In Your Yard

You drive home from work on a spring evening and notice the sky setting up for a spectacular sunset. As soon as you get home, you head straight to your patio with a nice hot beverage, ready to enjoy the transforming sky. However, you notice your Bigleaf Maple has already leafed out and the leafy branches are blocking your sunset view that had been there in the winter. This may be a reason to call Timberland Tree Services to do a selective tree trimming that will open up your backyard sky view while still preserving your beautiful maple tree. You may also have so many overgrown trees in your yard, the sunshine can’t get through. Many backyard gardeners love their trees but they also need sunshine to grow their fresh vegetables. This is a situation where we can help you achieve both with a careful tree trimming.

We Are Proud Of the Impact Our Tree Trimming Has On the Area

Northeast Ohio is famous for its stunning display of majestic trees. As a community, we are so lucky to enjoy the stunning bursts of color the fall foliage brings us and the intoxicating scent of our beautiful spring tree blossoms. Trees enrich our quality of life and we appreciate the opportunity they give us to just take a moment and destress.

Trees also attract wildlife ranging from chipmunks to butterflies that add memorable moments of magic to our landscapes. We are proud of the fact that our tree trimming services enhanc the beauty of our region, help keep our trees healthy, and ensures the safety of our residents as they enjoy their trees. It’s nice to be an integral part of taking care of the natural treasures of our region and the people who cherish these treasures.

Tree Pruning Is Species Specific

The tree diversity in northeast Ohio is truly impressive. There’s Red Oak, White Pine, White Ash, American Elm, American Beech, Black Locust, American Sycamore, Silver Maple, Red Maple, Striped Maple, Bigleaf Maple, White Cedar, American Crabapple, Persimmon, Ohio Buckeye, Hazelnut, Walnut, Weeping Willow, Magnolia, Dogwood, Black Gum, and so many more! Every tree species has a unique profile, biology, and personality.

This uniqueness must be carefully considered when tree pruning is required because each species of tree is different. Rest assured, we have extensive experience pruning all the tree species that grace our region. We know the best way to handle each tree species and customize every tree cutting service call accordingly. If you would like to learn more about the trees in our region, check out the “Ohio’s Trees Guide” put out by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The Best Tree Trimming Service In Northeast Ohio

Have you been searching for a tree-cutting service in northeast Ohio? Obviously, you’d like to be 100% confident that the tree trimming company you select has the best service in your area. However, it can be hard sometimes to know which company is really the best.

How do you know who to trust to take care of the trees you cherish? Kenny Perz started Timberland Tree Services more than 24 years ago. Over the years, he has developed a stellar reputation with both homeowners and commercial property managers. He’s made Timberland Tree Services known as the best tree trimming service in northeast Ohio. Moreover, Kenny hand-selects his crew, trains them well, and monitors all tree-trimming projects. This should give you the peace of mind that when you hire Timberland Tree Services, the job will be done well.

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About Timberland Tree Services

Timberland Tree Services is the long-standing choice for residential and commercial tree removal in Northeast Ohio. For over two decades, owner-operator Kenny Perz—who learned his trade removing trees for utility companies—and his experienced crew of professional tree care experts have helped local residents and businesses remove all manner of trees, keeping properties beautiful and safe.

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